Sisters of Charity of   St. Charles Borromeo


Mother M. Verena ( General Superior from 1979-1991) clearly conveyed the
Spirituality of the Borromeans with a graphic representation:

• In the Cross our CHARISM is realized:
- The life of contemplative prayer- the Borromean Sister lifts up her eyes, heart, and hands toward the center of her life, which is totally directed to the Heart of Jesus, the sea of mercy.
- The vow of Constant Mercy- the Borromean also directs her service of charity to every need she finds.

•The three LAMPS signify the FUNDAMENTAL ATTITUDES of the Borromean. They give their light to the charisma, they illuminate it, vivify it and make it possible to be lived:
C - Charity - love to neighbor
H - Humility
S - Simplicity

• The other rays symbolize the special virtues of the patrons of our congregation:
Spirit of family – Holy Family
Joy in God – St. Francis of Sales
Fidelity to the Church and to the Pope – St. Charles Borromeo.

The representation of the BASILICA OF ST. PETER indicates the FOUNDATION.
From the Church, which we lovingly call “our mother”, are born the rivers of grace necessary for our supernatural life:
- In Baptism with the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love
- In Confirmation it strengthens us in the longing for Holiness, and the unity between us in order to give testimony of Christ
- In Consecration to God through the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience

• Around the church is an “M”- that stands for MARY. She, as the mother of the church, embraces us with her maternal love. Through Mary we have Jesus in our midst.